21-Days to a Slimmer, Healthier YOU!

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So many diet plans are a miserable journey toward a temporary fix. Billions of dollars are spent on diets, products, and supplements that simply don't work. How would you like to lose weight for good? Learn to stop the self-sabotage that places you right back to your starting point, time and again, and finally release the weight and all of your old habits along with it. No more ups and downs with pounds, mood, energy, and wellness.  

7-Day Power Plan:

Setting the Stage for Change

This course is an important first step in your epic journey toward lasting diet and lifestyle improvement. It's the missing link for people wondering why change does not seem to last. You will have the tools necessary to establish a solid foundation for change by overcoming fears, clarifying belief systems, and ending self-sabotage.

Clearing Your Unhealthy Relationship with Food

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This course is dynamic, powerful, and life changing. With a team of experts, you are guided through a process of re-creating your relationship with food by working with the energy fields on a spiritual, human, and practical level. Scott Putnam has teamed up with Kelly Roth who is a deeply connected and skilled spiritual messenger and Reiki master. Scott's experience in nutrition, human behavior, and wellness coaching, combined with Kelly's true gifts and ability to tap into the divine living energy of food is a powerful combination. Learn tools and techniques of the mind, body, and spirit to create a healthy relationship with food and finally end self-sabotage!